Pumping up the park


Kids of all ages flocked to Westville last week to take a turn on the pump track that made its way to Westville from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Canadian Ramp Company has been doing a summer tour this year with many of their stops being in Ontario and Québec, however, being the only municipality in Nova Scotia to have applied for the tour, the track made it’s way to Westville to give kids a taste of a new kind of track.
For those who may not be as familiar with the terms, a pump track is a track for scooters, skateboards and bikes that doesn’t require a lot of propelling yourself along, just hitting the bumps and corners to keep your momentum going.
With the summer tour wrapping up in Westville, the tour began with the intention to get the name of the Canadian Ramp Company out there and show off the pump tracks as well as other types of tracks and ramps they make.
“We do every build option available,” said Tyler Stark of CRC.
Westville’s recreation co-ordinator Clare Steele had heard about the company originally when attending the Atlantic Facility Conference and had been following what the company was up to since then.
“Later in the spring I saw (the tour) online,” she said. “It’s kind of cool to have them here.”
With a lineup of kids waiting to get on the track, it was clear that the two-hour event was a hit for all ages in the community and further.
“I’m happy to see there are kids here that aren’t from Westville, too,” Steele said.
She noted that the demo is great to gauge interest in that sort of thing in the town and county.
“Anything that gets the kids outside and active is a good thing,” she said.

Pictured above: A group of kids enjoy the demo pump track that was set up in Westville last week as the last stop on the Canadian company’s tour. (Brimicombe photo)

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