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Update: Nominations for the 2016 municipal election have officially closed. One candidate has withdrawn from the mayoral race in Trenton, Fergie MacKay.

The following is a complete list of all the candidates for in each municipality and the office for which they are running:











Nominations for the 2016 municipal election

OFFICE                      CANDIDATE

Mayor                       Fred Charlton
Mayor                       Shannon MacInnis
Mayor                       Francis MacMillan

Councillor                    Jennifer Austen
Councillor                    Steven Cotter
Councillor                    Alec Dove
Councillor                    V.J Earle
Councillor                    Donald Hussher
Councillor                    Betsy MacKenzie-Cameron
Councillor                    Jaclyn Polley
Councillor                    Steven Stewart

OFFICE                      CANDIDATE

Mayor                        Roger MacKay
Mayor                        Alvah Mayo
Mayor                        Pat Ryan

Councillor             Lynn MacDonald (in by acclamation)
Councillor             Bernie Murphy (in by acclamation)
Councillor             Charlie Sutherland (in by acclamation)
Councillor             Lennie White (in by acclamation)

OFFICE                    CANDIDATE

Mayor                    Cam Beaton
Mayor                    Shawn McNamara
Mayor                    Jim Ryan

Councillor             Dan Currie
Councillor             Eric Daley
Councillor             Malcolm Houser
Councillor             Nadine LeBlanc
Councillor             Alta Munroe
Councillor             Gary Nowlan
Councillor             David Porter


OFFICE                      CANDIDATE

Mayor                  Nancy Dicks
Mayor                  Mark Firth
Mayor                  Henderson Paris
Mayor                  Ken Langille

Councillor            Wayne Borden (Ward 1)
Councillor            John Guthro (Ward 1)
Councillor            Troy MacCulloch (Ward 1)
Councillor            Sharon MacLean (Ward 1)
Councillor            Rita Billington (Ward 2)
Councillor            Clyde Fraser (Ward 2)
Councillor            Jack Lewis (Ward 2)
Councillor            David MacIvor (Ward 2)
Councillor            Pierre Tannous (Ward 2)
Councillor            Fred El Haddad (Ward 3)
Councillor            Joe MacDonald (Ward 3)
Councillor            Lloyd MacKay (Ward 3)
Councillor            Frank Proudfoot (Ward 3)
Councillor            Paul Quinn (Ward 3)
Councillor           Trudy Vince (Ward 3)
Councillor           Karen MacPhee (Ward 3)


OFFICE                      CANDIDATE

Mayor                       Joe Gennoe
Mayor                       Danny MacGillivray

Councillor      Marilou Field (Ward 1)
Councillor      Bryan Knight (Ward 1)
Councillor      Simon Lawand (Ward 1)
Councillor      Susan Campbell (Ward 2)
Councillor      Jake Chisholm (Ward 2)
Councillor      Garry Pentz (Ward 2)


District 1  
Don Butler
Don Stewart

District 2 
Deborah Wadden
Matt Weir

District 3 
Kent Corbett
Darla MacKeil
Tom Hahn

District 4
Ron Baillie
Mae MacKenzie
Harvey Henderson

District 5
Wayne Murray
Mike Sangster
Debbie Weatherbie

District 6 
Robert Parker (acclaimed)

District 7 
Leonard Fraser
David Parker

District 8
Ben MacLean
Larry Turner

District 9 
Peter Boyles
Jamie Davidson
Barbara Weir

District 10
Randy Palmer
Brenda Scully

District 11
Cathy Kenny
Scott Johnson
Andy Thompson

District 12
Chester Dewar (acclaimed)

*Warden chosen by the elected council


District 11
Scott Adamson
Gordon Anderson

District 12 
Anne Beaver (acclaimed)

District 13 
Vivian Farrell (acclaimed)

District 14
Ron Marks
Kevin Waller

District 15 
Marilyn Murray (acclaimed)

CCRSB African Nova Scotian delegates: Tamera Tynes Powell and Glenda Talbot-Richards
CSAP delegate: Alfred Benoit (acclaimed)

Municipal election is October 15. Other important dates to keep in mind are:

October 6 or October 8 (option of council)
First Advance Poll

October 11
Second Advance Poll


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