Walking on rainbows


The Town of New Glasgow got a little more colourful Thursday with the addition of the town’s first rainbow crosswalk  in front of Glasgow Square.

The idea came forward in early June from one of the town’s staff to paint the crosswalk.
After the option was investigated by looking into the community development and engineering for cost as well as a suitable location and style, the decision was made to go ahead with the project and special paint for the project was ordered.

“We wanted to have this in as a lead up to culture days,” said CAO Lisa MacDonald.

“I think it just goes in line with the efforts that New Glasgow is making to be an inclusive community.”

As chair of the town’s Race Relations and Anti-Discrimination Committee, Coun. Henderson Paris was thrilled to see the sidewalk being painted such brilliant colours.

“I think it’s absolutey wonderful,” he said. “It certainly supports the idea that we are a diverse community.”

He also noted that in front of Glasgow Square was a very suiting place for the special crosswalk as the facility is not only the host of many cultural events in the town but the gazebo beside the crosswalk is also where the opening ceremonies of the town’s annual Pride week take place each year.

“It’s certainly a suiting place,” he said. “We’re very pleased and excited.”

The Town of New Glasgow has its first rainbow crosswalk. Proudly showing off the colourful crossing are, from the left: Gerard Veldhoven, Emily Morton, Josiah MacDonald, Lisa MacDonald. Right: Henderson Paris, Wendy Hughes, Trudy Vince, Thekla Altmann and Vania MacMillan.                                                                                   (Brimicombe photo)

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