Trenton Art Works coming alive with Gathering Sparks

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Gathering Sparks will be bringing their pop and folk-infused sound to Trenton this Friday with a 7:30 p.m. show at the Trenton Art Works featuring local singer-songwriter Crystal Mann as opening act.

Otherwise known as Eve Goldberg and Jane Lewis, the Ontario based duo has been tag-teaming the musical since 2012.

“It was a little bit of an accident,” said Jane Lewis of the duo’s birth. “We joined forces about four years ago for a one-time double bill concert… actually, it was a triple bill at the time because we started out as a trio. But it was a one-time concert (and) when we did the first gig we just felt like it really clicked. We just really felt there was some similarity in our songs and the way our voices sounded together. And then we did it twice and it just seemed liked doors opened and we just kind of made it a thing.”

Goldberg and Lewis each still maintain solo careers but recognize there’s something special about their work together, a notion which may have been cemented by their nomination for Canadian Folk Music Award for Vocal Group of the Year in 2014.

“One of the reasons we decided to do the first double-bill gig together is we knew each other a little bit, but we felt like we had similarity in terms of music,” said Lewis. “Eve and I both do a lot of teaching workshops … we do a lot of community-type music and encouraging people to sing and do music. We felt like we had a similar philosophy of music.”

Musically, they have different backgrounds with Goldberg leaning more towards the folk spectrum and Lewis leaning more towards pop, but they find the different influences blend nicely.

“It gives us a little bit of flexibility,” said Lewis. “I definitely come from a little bit more of a pop background and Eve comes from a fairly traditional and contemporary folk background. I think when we put our stuff together we don’t fall strictly into the folk category, but we’re not pop either, but it’s a nice mix.”

It was that inclusive nature that gave the pair the drive to continue as a two-piece after original third member Sam Turton dropped out of the project.

“There was something that just felt tighter about doing it with the two of us. We felt really good about having it as a duo, so that’s how we continued,” said Lewis.

Both are multi-instrumentalists, with Lewis tending to piano and accordion and Goldberg handling a range of stringed instruments, and both sing and write and are in the process of writing new material together.

“Thus far it’s just each of us leading our own individual material,” Lewis explained, “but we’ve chosen the individual material that suits the duo and the sound that we have.”

Friday’s show will mark the first time the duo has played in Pictou County. Gathering Sparks will be performing at the Trenton Art Works, 97 High Street with opening act Crystal Mann. For additional information call 902-752-1183.

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