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The Army Museum Halifax Citadel recently came to have a copy of a certain photograph of four young ladies known as “Victory Stamp Girls” on Agricola Street in Halifax.

They were told one of the women worked at “Foodland” in 1941 / 1942 and sold Victory Stamps. In the photograph, the womenare wearing dark-coloured pinafores over white shirts. The pinafores have a white maple leaf on the front. They are also wear field service like caps.

The Army Museum Halifax Citadel is searching for information and artifacts related to this ‘War at Home’ story of young Nova Scotian women selling stamps. They are most interested in uniforms and photographs but all artifacts and stories that would help fill out this part of local history would be of interest.

The Army Museum is located in Halifax inside the fort at Citadel Hill. The phone number is 902-422-5979. We can also be reached at

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