Decision to not re-offer was a good one

Election Opinion

To the Editor:

I salute Mayor Barrie MacMillan, Mayor Joe Hawes and councillor James Turple who, following the May 28 no vote did not re-offer in the upcoming elections.

Considering the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars lost by the MOU adventure, which was not part of their last council’s election mandate, their decision to not reoffer is the correct decision!

Meanwhile of concern is that councillors involved in these costly decisions to rate payers are re-offering. Warden Ron Baillie, Deputy Warden Andy Thompson and Councillor Debbie Wadden to mention a few.

In fact, during the MOU it was almost as if the council did not want to hear the wishes of those who elected them from their own district. The answers to the voters’ wishes were as close as information available in their own district. In fact in February, while the council was meeting in camera in Pictou County Municipal  Office, about 30 ratepayers took a vote on who was in favour of amalgamation and not one person from various districts voted for amalgamation.

Another bad decision by this council under Warden Baillie’s watch was to approve spending $3,125,000 of borrowed money on the New Glasgow Park; $2.7 million was for purchase of land that had sat unused for many years. This land has plans for 17 lots but at the time if you tried to find how many lots were sold the answer was like the fisherman’s reply when asked how many fish he caught; his reply was if I get two more after the one I am after I will have three!

Come on voters, you voted correctly against amalgamation now put this pro-amalgamation crowd out for retraining and do not allow them access again to our tax dollars in this election.

Donald B. McKenzie
RR1 Hopewell

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