Many opportunities exist for better co-operation


To the Editor:

I visited the five communities in the Pictou region this spring when I was invited to deliver my, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community address.

I loved the visit and quickly realized there is an incredible amount of potential that simply needs to be unleashed.

I personally admit that I thought the proposed amalgamation would be a way to get all the municipalities working together quickly. However, amalgamation was but one tool. There remain many opportunities for better co-operation to secure the future of the region and I am sure you are already working on plans for that.

Every week our team does an environmental scan of communities around North America to find samples of destructive attitudes that can lead to failure for that community. I was shocked to read the MacKenzie letter in the paper.

I have an entire chapter in my book on how bad attitudes chase away youth, but I have never seen such a striking and overt example of it. To demonize a group of youth for expressing their opinion and being passionate about their future may get them to shut up. To expressly belittle and chastise them for continuing to be involved in their future and their community’s future is sure to make them leave, to go somewhere they are appreciated, listened to and respected.

Make no mistake, the youth of your community is its future. If you drive them out with such attitudes, the future of your community will leave with them and you will have no future.

The communities that fought about amalgamation should now come together to fight for their future, not against it.

Our nation needs a prosperous Pictou region.

Doug Griffiths
President and CEO
13 Ways, Inc.

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