Not a fan of Pulse group


To the Editor:

I note in our local newspapers and on CBC radio that a group calling themselves Pulse Pictou County is trying to organize meetings with our candidates, from various districts, before the October 15 council elections.

This same group spoke several times recently at public meetings, emphatically in favour of amalgamation for Pictou County.

The results of the plebiscite May 28, 2016 show that this group certainly did NOT have their hands on the pulse of the Pictou County rate payers! I can’t imagine that their presence at these meeting would add anything positive to our existing system. The candidates themselves meet directly with the public and not through some “non-elected” lobby group. It appears to me this is just an attempt on the part of Pulse to gain back some of the respect  they lost as a result of the amalgamation vote.

Donald B. MacKenzie

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