Pictou rotary work an improvement


To the Editor:

I heard a fellow at Tim’s the other day complaining about the tax dollar waste the new rotary interchange was and most people I hear seem to agree.

He was living in senior subsidized housing, collecting CPP, OAS, the supplement, etc. and was complaining about the tax dollars spent on the new rotary project and that it was a waste and could be better spent elsewhere. Well maybe, but it could be a lot worse, too!

I didn’t say anything but was thinking, “Gee, lighten up!

I’m not sure where he was coming from, but really, all things considered, he was doing OK on tax spending and more power to him. Fill your boots!

But really, I read that just down in Guysborough County,  the councillors are spending tax dollars on conferences, hotels, gourmet meals and booze – and that seems a real waste. We are at least getting a nice new road. As  I remember it, politicians always  campaigned on  highway improvements and now we get a big one and everyone seems very unhappy about it. Go figure!

I’ll be happy anyway because I just want to get through what was “Malfunction Junction” at 5 p.m. in one piece and out “the trail” before my double-double gets cold.

Ron MacCarthy
Caribou Island

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