Questions for the municipal candidates

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To the Editor:

Given the recent rejection of the proposed amalgamation of four municipal units in Pictou County to the great expense of its citizenry, voters should ask their candidates who seek to represent  them the following questions when they come knocking on their doors:

1. Regardless of your position concerning the recent failed amalgamation attempt, are you committed if elected to providing details of the one million dollar cost overrun to the tax payers for this exercise?

2. What is your opinion about the salary levels and accountability of the chief executive officers of our municipalities?

3. Do you believe in continuing the practice of going behind closed doors or “in camera” private meetings when discussing matters of consequence affecting the ratepayers?

4. How would you handle the challenges, ongoing problems and continuing costs associated with the New Scotland Business Park, a development so enthusiastically promoted by Warden Ron Baillie and Deputy Warden Andy Thompson? The answers you receive should give you interesting insights on the candidates seeking your vote.

Ken Fraser

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