StFX Alumni Council gives boost to Xaverian Fund

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ANTIGONISH – StFX President Dr. Kent MacDonald’s initiative to establish a $50 million Xaverian Scholarship and Bursary Fund received a big boost during Homecoming weekend when 100 per cent of the StFX Alumni Council, representing alumni chapters from across Canada, agreed to make a personal donation to the Xaverian Fund.

This endorsement comes on the heels of the Board of Governors commitment of 100 per cent participation. Members of the board have pledged more than $1.5 million to the Xaverian Fund.

MacDonald welcomed the news.

“This generous support from our alumni leadership shows their deep commitment to supporting students in financial need who may not ordinarily be able to attend StFX,” he said. “Further, it demonstrates that we are building tremendous momentum in our quest to raise $50 million.”

Since StFX was founded, alumni have always stepped in to pay it forward for future generations, and this initiative has certainly struck a chord with the Alumni Council, its president Glenn Horne said.

“StFX has played a pivotal role in our lives. If we can make a difference in helping deserving students access a StFX education, then that is what we’re proud to do,” he said.

“Over the years, StFX alumni have always responded to the university’s call for help. We know from firsthand experience the benefits of a StFX education, and we want to do our part to make the opportunity availability to others, and do all that we can to strengthen StFX. The Xaverian Fund will be instrumental in the recruitment and retention of StFX students.”

In just over a year, close to $16 million has been raised for the Xaverian Fund. Canvassing of faculty and staff is underway and achieving almost $500,000 pledged to date by StFX employees.

This is yet another example of the strong support coming from members of the Xaverian community, MacDonald said.

Already, StFX students are receiving scholarships created by the Xaverian Fund. When fully funded, $2 million in scholarships and bursaries will be available each year to support students in financial need, opening the doors to StFX educational experience to students from around the world.

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