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STELLARTON – Two local not-for-profits are teaming up this year to bring big fun to Pictou County.

The United Way of Pictou County and the YMCA Strong Kids program are partnering to bring a bubble soccer tournament to the William M. Sobey Indoor Sports Complex in Stellarton.

The idea emerged when the local chapter of United Way learned about the bubble soccer fundraiser that their Cape Breton counterpart had held in the past with great success, raising more than $10,000.
“It just makes sense to partner,” said Jessica Smith, executive director of the United Way Pictou County.

The YMCA owns the bubbles that will be used for the tournament and the two organizations will be splitting the funds raised from the day-long event.

The organizers are hoping there will be about 30 teams participate in the tournament, with teams made up of six people and three people playing from each team at a time.

“It’s going to be a lively day, energetic and full of fun,” said Heidi Sinclair, manager  of membership services and communications at the YMCA.

Teams interested in registering can contact the Y or United Way offices. Age categories for the event range from youth, 12 to 15, student, which is for high school and post-secondary students, and adult, 18 years and up. It costs $200 for a youth team, $250 for a student team and $300 for an adult team.

Registration deadline is November 1 and the tournament will take place at the indoor soccer complex on November 12.

Some of the prizes for the top team in each category include kayak rental for the adults, Goji’s certificates and other items for the student category and passes for the Y as well as the possibility of an indoor paintball party for the youth category.

Heidi Sinclair, manager, membership services and communications at the YMCA, left, and Jessica Smith,  executive director of the United Way of Pictou County, show off the bubbles that will be used for the tournament. (Brimicombe photo)

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