Don’t blame voter apathy on no shows during plebiscite


To the Editor:
Even though property owners voted overwhelmingly in favour of maintaining the status quo, the overall low voter turn-out during the ‘Great amalgamation Scare’ in May was disturbing and yet totally understandable. Here’s why:

Imagine, for a moment, giving your order to a waiter and, instead of your favourite dish, he comes back with today’s special.

Again, imagine complaining to management and being informed that, although they value your opinion, they reserve the right to make the actual choice.

And finally, imagine seeing the sign in front of that restaurant fading from sight in your rear view mirror! In a very short time that restaurant would close due to low turnout.
If the best we can do is to offer a plebescite – A.K.A. “a general expression of public opinion” (Webster Uni.) and that exercise results in a lot of ‘no shows’, then don’t blame voter apathy. Really, the only choice in an affair like that is whether it’s worth voting at all.

That said, here’s a rhyme:
Their plebescite sure had folks minding
That our vote wasn’t quite worth the signing
No need to be vexed
Just go make your ‘X’
Cause this time results will be binding!
Thomas Rogers
Cape John

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