Come together and do what’s right


To the Editor:

Education happens in the classroom not in a boardroom or a union hall.  It is disgraceful that it takes two failed contract proposals and the possibility of a strike to finally give teachers a forum to address the need for meaningful classroom reform.  Furthermore, the added stress created by the failed negotiations must be having an impact on teachers’ morale.

Parents of young students will be trying to arrange childcare and plan for the unexpected expense. Graduating students must be concerned how a possible strike might impact their secondary education plans.

Teachers have made it abundantly clear that with the current classroom environment, it is impossible to provide our children with the calibre of education they deserve. Classes are too large and there is not enough classroom supports such as education assistants to address the diverse needs that teachers are challenged with on a daily basis. Teachers also struggle to help the increasing number of students with mental health issues and behaviour challenges.

A quality education is the most important tool we can give our children to ensure their future success and the future success of our province.  Therefore, the importance of the negotiations between the government and the teacher’s union cannot be overstated.

This isn’t the time to draw battle lines, it’s a time to come together and do what’s right by our young people. There has never been a teacher’s strike in Nova Scotia, let’s not make this the first!

Karla MacFarlane
MLA, Pictou West

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