Third turn on catwalk

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Some Pictou County residents are getting ready to do what the popular song by Right Said Fred says and “do a little turn on the catwalk, shake their little tush on the catwalk” – all in the name of mental health.

The participants in this year’s Models for Mental Health event are already preparing for the show which is being held this year at Summer Street Industries.

The event,  entering its third year, has moved to the new venue and is set to take place from 1 to 3 p.m. on November 6. As well as the new time and the new location, the event will feature some new models and some new features as well.

“There’s a silent auction this year,” said Shawna Coleman, one of the co-founders of the event along with her friend Lily DeYoung.

Along with the silent auction, three new local consignment shops will be providing the clothing for the models for the big event. Garments are coming from New Beginnings, In Mint Fashions and Gail’s Consignment, all located in New Glasgow.

“We’re excited to be offering it again in our community,” Coleman said.
At $20 a ticket, the event was packed last year and the pair has received many positive comments about the event and the fun that was had, from both models and audience.
“This allows people to participate,” said DeYoung.

For those unfamiliar with Models for Mental Health, it is a fashion show that doubles as a fundraiser for a mental health-focused series of grants.

Last year, the local organizations that received the grants were Pictou County Roots for Youth for their Spreading the Word: How to access mental health services in Pictou County, program; The Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health received a grant of $5,062 for its “Impacts on Mental Health on Sexual Health program and the Mental Health and Addictions, Pictou County NSHA received $7,075 for their Headstrong- Youth Anti-Stigma Initiative.

“It’s just a fun afternoon where they’re raising money for mental health,” said Coleman.

From the left are Lily DeYoung, co-organizer of Models for Mental Health, Kim MacKinnon of Summer Street Industries, and Shawn Coleman, event co-organizer.              (Brimicombe photo)

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