Time to talk about what can and should be done


To the Editor:

The curtain has fallen on the fall session of the legislature.  At just 18 “sitting” days, this is one of the shortest fall sessions in the history of fall sessions in a legislature that is almost 200 years old.
This should have been the time that the McNeil Liberals brought in important legislation and dealt with pressing issues. This could have been one of the longest sessions in history!

The Province is facing (a) a possible teachers strike (the first in our history), (b) a severe doctor shortage and (c) a sputtering economy (in addition to the thousands of people that are under-employed or have outright given up looking for a job. There are 4,200 fewer people working fulltime compared to when Premier McNeil took office.

Instead of dealing with these issues, the McNeil Liberals are limping away.

Some media suggest that the McNeil Liberals are “simply out of ideas” (they just don’t know what to do). I agree: mishandled negotiations and a multitude of dropped files suggest they are in over their heads.

As much as closing the House suits the Liberal political agenda, they are running and hiding just as the Province most desperately needs leadership. Premier McNeil’s lack of leadership hurts those looking for work, those looking for a doctor and, possibly, those hoping to graduate this year.

Folks, the issues are real but so are the solutions. I have ideas and you do. Why don’t the McNeil Liberals?

We can’t keep waiting for Premier McNeil to put the province on the right track.

He has shown that he isn’t up for that and would rather close the doors and go home when things get tough.

Well, I don’t operate like that so together, let’s work to address the challenges and seize our opportunities. The next time you see me, tap me on the shoulder and let’s talk about what can and should be done.

Tim Houston
MLA, Pictou East

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