New business sets up shop downtown


PICTOU – One look at the Town of Pictou, and a Cape Breton couple’s minds were changed on the direction of their business.
Working out of their home, Andrew Loscher, co-owner and developer, and Louise Dixon, co-owner of Media Ladder Digital Marketing, were looking to bring their business closer to the Halifax area and its amenities.

“We weren’t interested in opening an office, but the opportunity presented itself. In our travels to Halifax, we bumped into Pictou,” explains Loscher.

“We fell in love,” adds Dixon. “The people are so friendly, open and positive and the town is right on the water; it has all of the amenities you need and opportunity. We were (deciding) between here and Truro and Pictou won out.”

They say Pictou is full of opportunity that hasn’t yet been tapped into.

“That’s why we moved here,” says Loscher. “Most of our business comes from Ontario right now, which is why we had no intention of opening a business, but when we came here and met people like Sandy (Best) we knew we wanted to work with local businesses and make a commitment to the town and the county.”

Best owns the former Walker Inn as well as the two buildings next door. He has generously donated space for The Art House and has provided a discounted rate for Media Ladder Digital Marketing.

“We were poking around downtown and saw all the empty spaces and bumped into (Best) and we found that Sandy (his wife Cathy), Louise and I all had almost identical perspectives,” explains Loscher.
Dixon and Loscher say they are hoping to change the focus of their business from Central Canada to the East Coast.

“Tourism is a big thing here, but it could be even more so,” says Dixon. “Unless you come off the highway and right into town, you don’t realize it’s right on the water, people keep passing it by. Our goal is to help develop that (tourism) as well, so not only we can be successful here, but everyone.”

Media Ladder’s slogan is ‘Let us put you on the map’ which works twofold for the business.

“We create websites, but we are also Google-trusted photographers which allows us to do 360 (degree) photos of streets and businesses for Google Maps and Google Earth.”

Since moving to Pictou, Dixon and Loscher have already gone to work on updating some of the Google street views.

“We want other people to see what is here,” says Dixon. “We want to update as much information as possible to bring in tourists, put as much of Pictou County on the map as we can.”

Dixon comes with a 10-year background in hospitality which makes this area and the business a perfect fit for her.

“We are pretty content with house things shaped up here in Pictou,” notes Loscher.

Media Ladder offers free online business assessments to help people optimize their online presence.

By filling out an online form, a business will receive an assessment on their online traffic, promotions and much more and from there can get a tailored online optimization plan for their business.

“It doesn’t just have to be online either, people can phone us or come visit.”

Andrew Loscher and Louise Dixon of Media Ladder Digital Marketing stand in front of their newly-opened business in downtown Pictou.

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