Receiver, gov’t need to act on Trenton Works


To the Editor:

The plant in Trenton, better known as Trenton Works, has been shut down for a good number of months now.  After DSME wind power towers went into receivership and Pricewater-houseCoopers are looking after bankruptcy at this time. The way I see it now, the receivers are dragging their feet as there is a buyer that is ready and waiting to take over the plant and put men back to work. This buyer has been waiting since last June.

So what is the government and PricewaterhouseCoopers waiting for? An offer like this does not come along every day.  So one would say it is time for the receiver to get off their back side and do something – and the government as well. There are men waiting for jobs and work here in Pictou Country.  So do I have to say more?

Loyd Murray
New Glasgow

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