Spread the Spirit of Christmas


The spirit of Christmas is in the air.
Anyone who watched television leading into the holiday season the last 20 years would be more than familiar with the nostalgic Sobeys commercial, Star of Christmas, with a young choir prominently showcased as they sing about the star of Christmas shining within us.
The commercial has been updated, filmed in Moncton just recently, and brings back that warm Christmas feeling of spending time with family and the importance of giving.
With the Pictou County Christmas Fund taking place this weekend, the importance of giving is once again highlighted as the organizing committee hopes to raise $80,000 to help more than 1,400 families have a Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings.
That’s something many of us, perhaps, take for granted. The fact that we can sit down with our families on Christmas day to a turkey dinner and share in the excitement and warmth that being with family at Christmas time can bring.
There are some who do not have that luxury and so the holidays can be a stressful or even depressing time of year.
For someone trying to navigate the holidays with the added cost of gifts and increased heating costs with the cold weather setting in, a gift card for a dinner can mean the world.
The $80,000 fundraising goal was exceeded last year  for the PCCF, to the delight of the organizing committee and the community and the hope is that will happen again this year as people dig deep in their pockets to help others.
There’s something about the Christmas spirit that makes all of us want to help others in need.
And it doesn’t always have to be in a monumental way. By just purchasing a coffee for the person behind you in line at Tim Hortons or donating $5 to the Pictou County Christmas Fund or even purchasing a pair of mittens or a hat for someone in need, it all makes a difference in the lives of those affected, no matter how minute the gesture may seem.
And there are many ways to help.
Coats for Kids collects used winter jackets every year prior to the cold weather setting in and the Salvation Army has already kicked off its Red Kettle Campaign in more than 10 locations throughout Pictou County.
By dropping a little bit of change in the kettle, you can help provide for those in need this Christmas.
And if you have more to give, the Salvation Army also has a tree set up across from Tim Hortons in the Highland Square Mall where you can grab a tag and purchase the requested gift for a child.
You can even raid your kitchen cupboards or purchase an extra box of pasta while grocery shopping to donate to one of the local food banks.
There are so many ways to share the Christmas spirit with others in this very giving community.
How will you spread the joy this season?

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