Cuts to detox program, yet gov’t makes money on alcohol sales


To the Editor:

The McNeil government is at it again with cuts to essential programs in Addiction Services, in six detox units across Nova Scotia. People come to detox very sick from alcohol that is sold to them from the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission which makes millions of dollars a year.

Most people are able to drink sociably; however, there are some of us that suffer from the disease of alcoholism. We may not realize it until years later. When we come to a detox unit we are very sick. At detox they nurse you back to physical health. In my experience this usually takes five to 10 days depending on the situation and degree of illness. Once well enough physically, you are counselled during your stay by counsellors that know the disease of alcoholism.

Prior to leaving, you used to be able to do a five-day education program that helps us understand our addiction and also helps us with a recovery plan and relapse prevention. Also, we are set up with a counsellor in the community in addition to access to all the other support groups that are available. This education program is done before we leave detox giving us a good chance of recovery.

The McNeil government has stopped these programs. Now,  when you come to detox they dry you out in four or five days and put you out the door, back on the street with no idea of what to do next, with no knowledge or tools to help you stay sober. I think it’s a small price to pay for these services with the millions of dollars the government makes from the sale of alcohol.

Anybody that has gone though the education program and feels the same as I do about this, please contact your local MLA and express your concern or call Grant at 902-695-5538 to sign this petition and I’ll come to you with it.
Grant Polly

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