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TRENTON – During the holidays we often get tied up making lists, purchasing gifts, hustling and bustling from here to there. We often forget there are people around us in need of a little holiday cheer.
The last couple of years, Nicole LeBlanc has been spreading Christmas cheer by providing Christmas cards for those in seniors homes and local hospitals.

This year Janice Hatt got involved.

“I (organized) a paint night last month and we used the money from that to buy supplies and have a fun night making cards,” explains Hatt.

The paint event drew about 10 people and the funds raised purchased 400 cards and materials to decorate them.

“It’s for a great cause,” says Hatt. “Last year, my kids and I contributed cards but this is the first year I organized an event to contribute.”

Last week, a number of people of all ages gathered at the Trenton Rink Annex for two hours of card making.

“We usually deliver them around the third week of December,” says LeBlanc. “Unless we have enough that we can send some earlier.”
LeBlanc says having Hatt organize the card making event was incredibly helpful.

“It started as just an idea for people to make cards and it’s become something really special because you can see the extra effort (put in to making the cards).”

Janet MacDonald works with Hatt and LeBlanc and was excited to come out and participate.

“I knew Nicole did it last year … I just love the idea, it’s so thoughtful. I have had to spend time in the hospital and I often think of those that don’t have family around. This means the world to them…”

“It’s fun, I think it’s great that people will know someone cares about them,” says Brianna Landry.

Sheri Greene and her son attended as well.

“It’s a great way to kick off the holiday season,” says Greene.
Megan Coffin and Laurie Finch felt it was the perfect way to generate random acts of kindness while spreading Christmas cheer.
Anyone wanting to participate can drop off old Christmas cards or make their own with sayings like ‘someone is thinking of you’ or ‘I hope you have a merry Christmas’.

The cards are then delivered to the local seniors homes, palliative care unit at the Aberdeen Hospital, the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital, Roots for Youth and Highland Community Residential Services.

“Giant Tiger also donated colouring books and things so we are making up little packages for kids who are in the hospital at Christmas time or who are with someone who is in the hospital,” says LeBlanc. “I really appreciate when people want to help like this … it’s grown into this beautiful, wonderful thing.”

In fact, another card making night has been organized for today, November 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. at New Glasgow Academy.

“It’s family friendly and they will have the school band performing.”

Nicole LeBlanc and Janice Hatt cheerfully work like busy little elves on creating Christmas cards to bring joy to those in need this holiday season.

(Harvie photo)

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