First mid-week farmer’s market a hit


New Glasgow Farmers Market’s first mid-week opening last week seemed to be a perfect fit for the festively minded shopper.

The market’s manager, Kristi Russell, explained that the first ever mid-week market was a way for vendors to provide customers with an extra pre-Christmas sale as well as to dip a toe into the waters of special or even regular mid-week markets.

“We thought we would try it first in advance of Christmas and if it was successful we might try it some other times throughout the year.,” Russell said.

“It looks like we’ll be trying it again some other times throughout the year.”

Sam Thompson, a regular vendor at the market, noted how busy and packed the market was.

“It seems like there’s a lot more people than usual on the weekend,” Thompson said between customers.

He was happy with the increased traffic but said that due to school commitments he wasn’t sure if he could take part in mid-week markets on a regular basis.

The market is currently only open Saturday mornings, although Russell suggested that, based on the success of the mid-week Christmas market, there could be other holiday-centric mid-week markets or even a monthly mid-weeker in the future.

“It’s been a very successful evening,” Russell said.

“Within the first hour we had about 500 people come through the doors. It’s been very well received by the community; our vendors have been getting some positive feedback and people like the opportunity to shop during the middle of the week.”

The mid-week time slot meant that some of the regular produce vendors were not able to attend; however, their void was filled by prepared food vendors and artisan vendors. In all, the market had 59 spaces sold and featured 56 vendors.

By the market’s mid-point, at least two food vendors had sold out and Russell reported “a lot of new faces” among the customer base.

“We have our gift wrapping station here, too,” Russell said. “That’s a fundraising initiative as well, if people are looking for some assistance with their gift wrapping.”

The market also featured a meet and greet with Santa Claus, who returned for the regular Saturday market December 10 and will  appear again on December 17.

The New Glasgow Farmers Market’s mid-week market proved to be a success with a packed house, swarms of customers and 56 vendors between the market’s two buildings.  (Cameron photo)

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