“No” means “no”

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To the Editor:

Amalgamation is dead, or so we thought. The MOU question was asked, the answer was “No”.

Like all plebiscites, there are winners and losers; you put your differences behind you. Winners bow out gracefully, losers  accept the majority’s decision. Unless you live in Quebec. With the MOU in the past, we decided to work to help reunite our divided county.

We were naive to believe everyone was of that opinion. This surfaced when we attended the session in Truro for new councillors. Shocked when speaker after speaker referenced amalgamation. The perception drawn from Truro was our provincial government was the driving force behind amalgamation. We should not be surprised, given the previous Savage Government legislated HRM and CBRM into amalgamation. Has this government resurrected the Savage agenda? Has democracy been replaced with totalitarianism? Does “no” not mean “no”?

Amalgamation would be in the best interest of this struggling government. A government faced with debt, loading their burden onto a third level of government? Truro was used to promote amalgamating   to the newbie’s. Government events are planned one year in advance. One must wonder, was this conference designed to celebrate the “yes” victory in Pictou County?

Pictou County was front and centre with a “yes” councillor bragging about her role on the amalgamation process. A “yes” CAO, putting his spin on the MOU. Explaining that poor communication was the real reason for failure. He neglected to talk about the one year at a cost of $602,000.We had to relive the MOU, interpreted through the “yes” eyes.

Then there was Mr. Griffiths. The former MLA from that oil-rich province Alberta, using the “A” word. First putting the audience on the defensive. Mocking those who might show disinterest, by the use of  body language or facial expressions. Boldly stated that it would be in our best interests to amalgamate, as the government would legislate us into amalgamation.

Strange how he developed amnesia. He must have had a good chuckle when counting profits made in Nova Scotia. They did admit amalgamation does not save money. So what is the point?

Strange how we never hear about the failures. The 20 years of research by Robert L. Bish, professor emeritus at the University of Victoria as well as the Fraser institute.

Garry Pentz
Bryan Knight
Stellarton town councillors

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