Community input needed to establish local shelter


The group looking into establishing a local homeless shelter says more community input is needed before they can go further.

The Pictou County Shelter Steering Committee met in Pictou last week to continue discussions on how to move forward with the formation of a new homeless shelter for Pictou County.

After much debate on whether to form a shelter in association with Harvest House Shelter in Moncton, N.B.,  or create a totally independent stand alone shelter, the committee decided they had reached an impasse on how to best proceed. Three members  voted “yes” to Harvest House and three have voted “no” and to go independently. As well, the committee has reached an impasse as to whether the shelter should be Christian faith based only or have all religions  included in the operation.

“We as a steering committee would like the residents of Pictou County to know that the foundation of this community project needs to be started from a solid foundation so that generations to come may utilize this shelter in the future should the residents of Pictou County find themselves in need of assistance,” says committee member Paul Vanderlaan.

“These issues that have created an impasse need to be answered by the community in order for the shelter to move forward in a positive direction for Pictou County. We are asking for the public’s assistance with these issues and as well asking for the public to consider sitting on a new steering committee that needs to be formed.

It is the intention of the steering committee to hold a community meeting in January to seek input and to create a new steering committee. Current members will work on coming up with a date and time and place so the community will be able to have their say as how to best proceed.

Vanderlaan says a new steering committee will need to be elected with a maximum of seven  people and minimum of five for voting purposes to move forward with this project.

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