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A lot of big news stories made headlines this past year – the biggest probably being the United States electing Donald Trump as president.

Pictou County had its own share of big stories in 2016: a proposed memorandum of understanding between four of the six municipal units, the welcoming of a number of Syrian refugee families into our community and, more recently, growing unrest between teachers and the provincial government.

As traditional newsrooms make more room for social media presence, there is sometimes a dichotomy between stories that are newsmakers and those that are proliferated more via social media as opposed to traditional.

Such is the case with The Advocate.

In our last edition before a new year begins, we have compiled a list of stories that were most popular in our newsroom and those that were shared more and had more reaction on our social media sites – our website, www.pictouadvocate.com and our Facebook site,  www.facebook.com/ThePictouAdvocate.

Newsroom pick: Youth take action on Mental Health
Local teenager Shy Polley gets ready to share his story at a Toronto mental health summit and hopes to reach his fundraising goal to be able to attend.
Facebook: Changing downtown one building at a time
Local business owner Jamie MacGillivray tells about his re- development of large chunks of the New Glasgow’s downtown core and gives hints as to what may be in store.
• 8,844 reach

Newsroom pick: Syrian family welcomed at airport
The first of a few Syrian refugee families are welcomed to Nova Scotia by local organizers who fundraised to have a family in need brought to Pictou County.
Facebook: All in a day’s work
Pictou Sobeys carryout clerk Eric Hughes showed kindness and patience when he helped an elderly lady to her car with groceries when she may not have been able to do so on her own.
• 11,001 reach

Newsroom pick: The great divide – MOU
Debates for the Amalgamation discussion are getting heated in Pictou County as both the ANTY and One Pictou County groups push forward.
Facebook: Rev. Glen Matheson retires
Well known in the community and his church,  the minister retires after many years on the job.
• 26,431 reach

Newsroom pick: Pictou outpatient clinic closing
Causing much panic, it was announced the Pictou outpatient clinic would be closing for good, leaving a lot of upset and angry patrons.
Facebook: A&M small engines moves
After 31 years in business, A&M small engines moves up in the world, relocating and expanding their operation to a bigger space in Scotsburn.
• 10,337 reach

Newsroom pick: Local couple among Fort McMurray fire evacuees
The city of Fort McMurray was hit hard with wild fires, sending  residents packing, including two former county residents.
Facebook: 18-wheeler hits house in westville
It was a scary sight for some in Westville as an 18-wheeler truck lost control and careened into a house across the street, hitting the front corner of the house, despite the guard rail.
• 30,391 reach

Newsroom pick: MOU Steering Committee  shocked by ‘no’ vote
Votes were cast and a majority of residents said no to amalgamation.
Facebook: Make way for the Tata-nooga choo-choo
It’s the grand opening of the brand new, unique, Tatamagouche Road Train. The train made its grand entrance and showed what it can do around Tatamagouche for visitors and locals alike.
• 9,256 reach

Newsroom pick: Black battalion honoured for centennial
2016 marked the 100th anniversary for the Black Battalion, a section of the armed forces that was created in Pictou County to include black members of the community in the war efforts.
Facebook: Beloved author Sheree Fitch to open book store
Well-known local author Sheree Fitch makes the big announcement that in a year’s time she hopes to open a childrens book store and activity space beside her home in River John.
• 18,674 reach

Newsroom pick: Trudeau-mania again!
Newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes a grand entrance at Glasgow Square during his stop in New Glasgow while touring Canada.
Facebook: Trudeau-mania again!
Trudeau was the most popular topic of conversation all around.
• 27,985 reach

Newsroom pick: Pictou roundabout work
Changes are underway at the old Pictou Rotary and new roundabout. With all the commotion it may be hard to see everything so we’ve provided an aerial view to give you an idea.
Facebook: Pictou Roundabout work again
The  video was a hot topic of conversation.
• 8,440 reach

Newsroom pick:  Caribou lighthouse demolition
The famed Caribou lighthouse that greets ferry visitors and other marine traffic  saw some demolition  as part of it was taken down, leaving only the tower.
Facebook: New couple purchase  the former Walker Inn in Pictou
Sandy and Cathy Best are ready to take on a new challenge with the Walker Inn located in Pictou. The pair have big plans for this place.
• 10,621 reach

Newsroom pick: RCMP make arrests, recover stolen property
After a rash of break and enters throughout Pictou seemingly all year, the police make an arrest in the case.
Facebook: Kent taking over central supplies
Construction and hardware giant Kent will be taking over the local Central Supplies operation in the New Year. Stay tuned for changes.
• 6,468 reach

Newsroom pick: No jail time for sex crimes
Former county teacher Carolyn Amy Hood is sentenced to a year’s house arrest as well as conditional sentence order and probation with fines for sex crimes with former students.
Facebook: No jail time for sex crimes
The sentencing of former county teacher Carolyn Amy Hood on sex crimes is all people were talking about.
• 6,200 reached

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