Good government starts with each of us


To the Editor:

As we close the book on another year and turn our sights to a successful 2017 (and beyond), let’s stop and consider how great we can be with good government.

But, first, let’s accept that it starts with each of us.  We must help ourselves.  Don’t buy into that tired political philosophy of “we need Liberals in Nova Scotia to work with the Liberals in Ottawa.” It hasn’t worked for a new VG or Yarmouth ferry subsidy or reasonable Health transfer money (all turned down by Trudeau).  In fact, holding out the hat and asking for more money will always be a fool’s game.

Instead, let’s get to work making our education system better, stronger, by returning to a common sense world where teachers are able to focus on teaching.  There are many common sense (free) improvements that can be made, let’s start there.

Instead, let’s go back to a doctor recruitment system that works.  This new system of people in Halifax deciding where doctors are needed is garbage.  The doctor shortage is worse than ever.  It is Exhibit A for the expression that “common sense is not very common anymore.”

Instead, let’s build and grow our economy.  We have everything we need right here.  Smart people, a wonderful location and potential. If we inject some common sense into the equation, some good government, we will prosper.

And it will take working together.  A group of people sitting around the premier’s office in isolation will never work.  Yet, that is what we have.  Every time they call me to discuss an issue and possible solutions, I answer.  While I have reached out to them many times, I can tell you how many times they have called me:  zero (I write these letters after I am swatted away).

I grow weary but I won’t give up on this province.  Some day we will get past “politics” and reach our potential.

That’s what I hope for because I know we will all be better for it.
Tim Houston
MLA, Pictou East

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