Horses produce smiles for the holidays


PICTOU – A little Christmas cheer came clip clopping down the walkways of the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital  just before Christmas two horses came to spread some cheer.

Although this is the first year that Andrea Fuller and Dianne Storey have ventured to the hospital with their horses Nellie and Kenric, they are already hoping to make it back this summer.

“I think we’ll probably do it every year,” said Fuller. She noted that she had seen people get excited over the horses and watch their face light up when they see them during parades.

“I thought, well, we will bring the parade to them,” she said.

With the chilly wind, many of the viewers got their up close view from inside the warmth of the facility.

“It was just absolute smiles. A couple people came out in wheelchairs to pet them.”
Dennis Chipman, recreation director for the Northumberland Veterans Unit, was pleased that the animals were able to bring some cheer to the residents. He noted that many of them worked with horses or had them as children so they were a fond memory for some.

“It just brings a smile to their face,” he said.

Dianne Storey, left, and Andrea Fuller show off their horses to Russell MacKinlay, a resident of the Northumberland Veteran’s Unit, who stopped on his way into the unit to say hello to the horses.  The visit was made before Christmas.  (Brimicombe photo)

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