Find original rudder for Bluenose and use it


To the Editor:

As the Province prepares to purchase a new wooden rudder system for the Bluenose, I wonder where the wooden rudder, worm gears and parts from the original Bluenose went?

Long before fancy engineers had the bright idea that the Bluenose rudder should be steel (yes, they really thought that was a good idea!), the old wooden rudder worked just fine. So, where is it?

Before the Liberals whip out our chequebook (again) and buy yet another rudder – back to wood this time (finally, and of course!) – maybe they can find the old rudder and equipment and use it? Can you help them find it?

Is it in storage? Did it get chipped or otherwise “disappear”? Where is it?
Maybe it is on an inventory list under an obscure heading like “Minister’s equipment”? I hear that somewhere there is a large amount of equipment off of the Bluenose II on such lists.

The old complete wooden rudder assembly – the pintles, gudgeons, hinges, keel shoe and the complete metal worm gear steering assemble – would sure come in handy now so before the Liberals spend what could be $1 million on a new wooden rudder system, they should get their hands on that original gear. We already own it so it would be free!

Or are these Liberals like the uncle we all have that has every nut and bolt known to man in his garage but every time he needs a nut or bolt he runs to the hardware store and buys a new one?

The hydraulic system alone for the steel rudder cost $350,000 (oops!) so if anybody has any suggestions for the Minister where he should look, now is the time.

Well, anybody but me I suppose.

Tim Houston
MLA, Pictou East

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