Meeting to decide fate of HUB money


To the Editor:

Hey people of River John – I hope you’re ready for the big meeting at the HUB to decide what to do with the HUB money.

Anyone who read the fall Pioneer already knows what the R.J.C.A.S. plans are. It said they were going to decide on October 11, 2016 but later, someone told me that was a mistake and they weren’t deciding until January. But the cat was out of the bag.

The Bissel Park Project has $10,000 they got from the Bissels, but they need $45,000.
Isn’t it a strange coincidence that the amount of more money they need is almost the same as the HUB has? That they are going to decide what to use it for?

The HUB money was raised for the children of River John. If the HUB is a no go, the money should be used to rent a place to keep the pre-school in River John and a place to sell their
books and other projects for the children who have already lost so much.

Alice Sutherland
River John

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