Mud-slinging not productive exercise


To the Editor:
Going West?
Mr. Griffiths, author of “13 Ways to Kill Your Community”, and paid guest speaker, is upset by Mr. Brian W. White, CPA, CA and chairman of Pictou County ‘Amalgamation No Thank You’.

Now, Mr. Griffiths says he no longer wants to talk to Mr. White according to his comments in “Always a way to succeed “which appeared in the New Glasgow News on December 21.

Well, that was the best bit of news I’d heard for some while! Here’s hoping he takes his booty and returns to his native province and soon relieves the Nova Scotia taxpayer. Just how much did he earn and how many were paying him are interesting questions with no answers.
Mr. Griffiths, obviously you don’t want to rationally discuss issues as evidenced by your obstinate refusal to see what Mr. White has plainly stated about co-operative change versus forced structural change. This isn’t an informative discourse anymore but a mudslinging exercise on your part.

You aren’t the first to try and discredit Mr. White for his insightful observations on municipal affairs. It’s a shame and a telling example that illustrates the ongoing desire to darken Mr. White’s image in the public’s view. When the discussion turns to personal attack you know you’ve slipped off your pedestal and landed on a soapbox; just as well you have
no more to say.

Shared services and co-operation are now the accepted way forward in Pictou County. This, hopefully, became the responsibility of the current municipal officials who will accomplish this task through mutual clarity of purpose and perceived public transparency.

In my opinion, Mr. Brian White in no way discourages or impedes this process, rather the opposite.

Ken Fraser

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