Pictou SOC announces options

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The Pictou School Advisory Committee announced last night their final proposal they are planning on bringing forth to the superintendent of Chignecto Central Regional School Board.

Although the final presentations were not reviewed in detail, they were summarized and the committee revealed they are planning on giving two options as to how things should proceed.

The first option presented was that of a new primary to grade 12 school to be built in Pictou; the second option was for renovations to Dr. Thomas McCulloch School and high school students in the town would be moved there,  and the purchase of Pictou Elementary school (since the lease is up).

“I would like to think that a new P-12 building… it would be exciting. I think it would address all kinds of concerns,” said Pictou Mayor Jim Ryan, who is a retired principal at Pictou Academy and Dr. Thomas McCulloch school.

Although Ryan and a few other citizens did express some concerns over the two options, the consensus was that P to 12 was the way to go.

Read more details on the meeting in the January 18 edition of The Advocate.

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