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NEW GLASGOW – The Town of New Glasgow is putting a call out to all citizens looking to make a difference in their community

Wednesday, January 25 marks the first Engage and Empower community engagement session being held at Glasgow Square. The sessions are focused on bringing the community together to talk about issues around the community and how they can be solved with the help of the community.

“It’s the first in a series of engagement opportunities in our community,” said New Glasgow Mayor Nancy Dicks.

To kick off the first session Pam Mood, mayor of Yarmouth, will be the guest speaker, talking about the All Hands On Deck project that she began in her town. In the first few months of being mayor of Yarmouth, Mood received a number of phone calls concerning the state of the town from its citizens.

“If you can’t change the attitude, you can’t change anything,” said Mood. She began the All Hands On Deck Project by holding a town meeting that drew 500 people. Mood now has a list of about 1,000 people that she can call if there is a community project to be done in the town.

“The community wants to step up but they don’t know how,” said Mood. “New Glasgow has to do it their way. The community needs to be involved and leaders need to not just lead but listen.”

Dicks is emphasizing that the engagement session is not just for residents of New Glasgow — anyone else who would also like to attend is welcome.

“I hope that they hear the story of our town and realize that it can be done anywhere,” said Mood.

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