Business wouldn’t be possible without support from town


To the Editor:
A recent article was released by Heather Brimicombe about a new business opening in New
Glasgow called Perfect Diversity. My name is Carey and I am the owner of this business.

I was happy to see news about our expansion but I would like to make a point to say that this business would not be possible without the support and encouragement of New Glasgow town council and staff. By allowing me to use a studio space and kiln located behind the library for nearly a year, I was able to take my first ‘baby steps’ into the
world of teaching and I was given the time I needed to develop my business plan.

The artist-in-residence space allowed me to test the waters and realize that there is a huge interest in having pottery classes in New Glasgow.

Although the space is rather hidden, I’ve had enough students consistently that our classes
have grown too large for the space and it’s time for me to leave the nest.
As I am packing up and moving shop into the Goodman building on Provost Street. I
want to thank all those who supported me and helped me realize my dream.

Carey Allan
Perfect Diversity / Mucky
Me Pottery

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