Entrepreneur returns home to grow business


An upcoming mindfulness workshop may see some leave as calmer, more prepared individuals but for its conductor — Chris Hecimovich — it is a celebration.

After spending 18 years away from home, Hecimovich returned to Pictou County and has begun relocating his company, GOOD+HEC, here. Offering corporate level consulting services in the field of mindfulness — mental fitness — the company has also branched into fitness clothing, which is being manufactured at Wear Well Garments in Stellarton. The overall aim of the clothing line is to offer mindfulness program participants quality, Canadian-made clothing at wholesale pricing.

Hecimovich said that even when living in Toronto and building the company there “the vision” for the next phase of development hinged on bringing the company to Pictou County. “The operations that will happen in Toronto and New York are consultancies,” Hecimovich explained. “The sales production of the clothing… the administrations, the shipping, the sales, the back office stuff is done here and the marketing will be done out of here.”

Hecimovich also has business ties in San Francisco. “The vision is to have consultants in all the major cities in North American within a couple of years. We’re really focusing on sales and business development done out of here.”

As for the workshop — which will take place on February 5 at Pictou County Yoga — Hecimovich described it as “a springboard and celebration of moving everything down here. I
moved everything down here in April but we’ve been working since then to get everything finalized and moving forward.”

The workshop, he said, will differ from the type of program he normally presents. Typically the program will be tailored to a particular company’s needs and stress factors, whereas this workshop will be more “generic” — a mindfulness sampler, if you will.

“People will leave with a clear understanding, a resource library, and a workshop book and we’ll introduce them to the real mentors in this space,” Hecimovich said.

Hecimovich said he considers himself to be a student as well and teaches based on his learnings, but with a scientific rather than spiritual leaning. Part of that scientific approach sees the involvement of MUSE headsets which are used during meditation. Sounding fairly sci-fi or otherwise futuristic, the devices monitor the brain’s gamma waves to detect when users have slipped out of meditative focus and into thought. When that happens, the device notifies the user with an audio cue for them to refocus on their breathing. Hecimovich said mindfulness is a “very simple, yet a very broad concept.

“It can be looked at through three lenses,” he said. “One is through thought, one is through a person’s emotions and one is through a person’s body sensations.

Those three things define what’s called the inner experience. Every one of us, as human beings, are dictated within our inner experience by these three things — thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

“It doesn’t matter what type of meditations you’re doing, there’s effects — scientific effects — on the brain and how we interpret our triangle of awareness.”

Hecimovich said his company’s approach was to “bring down the complexities of mindfulness” to integrate it into a corporate environment.

“It’s all about stress reduction, focus, clarity, self-motivation,” he explained, “and at the end of the day being happy with where you are in your present moment during the day — at work, at home — trying to avoid this ‘waiting for the weekend for my life to start’ kind of mentality, we’re all going through it.”

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