4-H Clubs in contest to win $15,000

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Nova Scotia’s 4-H Clubs are in a competition to win one of four $15,000 prizes in a national wide contest.

The contest is being conducted by ADAMA with the local sponsor being Truro Agromart Ltd, Onslow (outside Truro). Voting continues on a daily basis until February 28. The prize money would be used for improvements to the 4-H Barn at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Grounds, Truro.

Approximately 2,400 4-H members from Clubs across the province utilize the 4-H Barn during the annual Provincial 4-H Pro-Show, when it is held in Truro.  Clubs in the Colchester County area who get to utilize the barn on a more regular basis are appealing to 4-H members across the province and those interested in the 4-H movement to register to vote on a daily basis.

As of Tuesday, February 7th, Nova Scotia, which is part of the Eastern Canada competition had moved into second place, 536 votes behind the leader – a competitor from Ontario and 185 votes ahead of another Ontario entrant  in third place.

To register to vote Google: thank a retailer, or go to www.thankaretailer.ca Scroll down to Eastern Canada and cast your vote for Truro Agromat Ltd, the provincial sponsor.  Those registered to vote can vote from each of their email accounts on a daily basis until February 28.

For more information contact: Rebecca O’Connell, BSc (Agr), Truro Agromart Limited roconnell@truroagromart.ca

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