It’s well past time to twin highways


To the Editor:

Single-lane highways in Nova Scotia are not the best to drive on at any time due to the amount of traffic that uses them on a daily basis. And now the Nova Scotia Government is going across the province holding meetings as to twin them or leave them as they are now. The question is to twin or not to twin with tolls. But the question that should be asked is what is the price of a person’s life?

I believe this is a question that the last several governments have asked. So do you not think that the study time along with question and answer time is over, and it is now time to get it over with and twin the highways with or without tolls?

They found the money to spend on the Bluenose and on the Cat ferry out of Yarmouth. So just why is it so hard to find money to save lives on our highways? Need one say more?

It took the governments 20 years to do the bypass around the town of Antigonish and another 10-15 years to twin the highway from the Thorburn overpass to Sutherlands River. So, do we have to wait another 20 years to have any of the highways twinned to save lives?

Loyd Murray
New Glasgow

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