Perfect no-mark for Laurel Goodwin

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NEW GLASGOW — Bowling 100 without a mark is perfection of a kind, and Laurel Goodwin has done it.

Goodwin, who has bowled for 28 years and works at Heather Bowling Lanes, was taking her usual turn in candlepin bowling in the Tuesday Night league last week when she recorded 100 no-mark.

It’s achieved by knocking down all 10 pins in all 10 frames. It’s so rare that Goodwin is the only bowler, male or female, to have done it the facility’s current location at the Aberdeen Business Centre.

Just two bowlers are known to have done it in the history of local bowling – at the former V-8 alleys on Archimedes Street in New Glasgow and at Heather’s previous location at the West Side Plaza.

Goodwin explained how bowlers try to complete the rare standard once they know it’s within reach. She guessed her previous high no-mark was 97.

“It feels great,” she said. “Most times, when a bowler is going for that, people get around. I had four 10s in a row and then I was going for it. You pretty well know after six boxes that you’re going for it.””

Goodwin explained how bowlers plan their deliveries to avoid strikes or spares, such the nine pins she felled with her first delivery in her ninth frame.

“I could have easily hit a spare but I through wide with my second ball and then got the last pin to finish,” she said.

Goodwin referred to Dave Murray, one of the great candlepin bowlers in modern history who owns Heather Lanes single and triple records. “Dave Murray said a 100 no-mark is the equivalent of a 500 triple,” she said. “That’s how hard it is to get. It’s the highlight for me because it’s so rare.”

Goodwin’s 100 no-mark now stands with her other personal highs – a 172 single and 382 triple.

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