Book Review: Toes in My Noes and Other Poems

Between The Covers

Toes in My Nose and Other Poems by Sheree Fitch

A classic that lives on, Toes in My Nose is undoubtedly a favourite among many, especially those who are lucky enough to hear the author recite it. My special moment with this book came when my five-year-old son chose this book to read out loud. After reading one poem in particular, Pocketful of Rocks, he asked if he could sing it this time, then proceeded to close the book and recite it by heart.

To have an author from River John be so loved for her whimsical ability of creating poems from innocent moments is a privilege and an honour. Toes in My Nose, Fitch’s very first book, has a feel that it’s her personal journal of favourite memories captured in poetry we can all sing along to.

It’s hard to imagine anyone rejecting this 36-poem collection that rolls off the tongue and straight to the heart but now it’s being accepted by generations as a favourite.

10 out of 10 hearts for all that it offers readers young and old!

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