Art Zone talent contest 2017

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HALIFAX – In honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary, entrepreneur and Art Zone gallery owner Mohamed Ahmed is offering a new program.

“Art Zone Talent Contest” aims to explore, showcase and recognize Nova Scotians with unique creative gifts in fine art, music and dance.

The contest is an opportunity for all talented individuals to show off their skills to a wider audience and gain more exposure. Competitions will take place in front of a live audience and have two divisions: Junior (14-18) and 19+.

Contestants will compete for one of the following Art Zone awards:
1. Fine Art Award ($500.00)
2. Junior Fine Art Award ($500.00)
3. Music Award ($500.00)
4. Junior Music Award ($500.00)
5. Dance Award ($500.00)
6. Junior Dance Award ($500.00)

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Art Zone Gallery encourages and supports the creative development of fine arts by providing an ongoing venue for visual artists to exhibit their artwork.
The state-of-the-art gallery and workshop space offers a welcoming environment where artists are provided with the opportunity to create, showcase and build their professional portfolios.
Art Zone Gallery regularly hosts and organizes exhibitions, workshops and contests to support practice and appreciation of visual art.

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