Business society backs Pictou Proud project


PICTOU — The Pictou Business Marketing Society has endorsed funding part of a project presented by Media Ladder Digital Marketing to promote the town.

The society agreed at a special meeting on February 21 to fund half the $6,750 requested by the local firm once the society’s management committee is satisfied with the schedules to deliver the Pictou Proud Project. It will commit the remaining half once the project is completed.

“We have a lot of pride (in Pictou),” said Luke Young, who introduced the motion. “We need to capitalize on that.”

The management committee consists of society members Teade Patterson, Anne Emmett and Troy Greencorn, creative director of the deCoste Performing Arts Centre who was absent from the meeting but expressed written support for the project.

Louise Dixon and Andrew Loscher from Media Ladder offered a three-pronged approach during its presentation to the society that includes grassroots marketing among the community’s residents. “It has to feel like it’s part of the community,” Loscher said. “The key is getting everyone on board.”

The other components involve non-residents to visit Pictou, as well as offering people a reason to move to Pictou and open businesses in town.

“We need to get people excited about being here and get people excited about coming here,” society chairman Barry Randle said. “As a business society, we can get behind and push it.”

The society called the special meeting to discuss the proposal by Media Ladder earlier on February 6. It was based on asset-based community development and the marketing of tourism and economic development.

The project includes establishing a Pictou tourism web site to showcase attractions, accommodations, events, restaurants, shops and niche attractions in the town.

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