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Editor’s Note: The Advocate is pleased to welcome a new blogger, Chris MacPherson, who is our movie reviewer.


While from the same universe as the family friendly X-Men films, Logan sets a grisly tone from the start.

This rated R movie is Hugh Jackman’s swansong with the Wolverine character that he’s owned since 2000’s X-Men. This somber drama is driven by delving into the darker side of the X-Men universe and is definitely not one for the kids.

James Mangold’s story finds inspiration in the Old Man Logan comic, and truly finds the character that all fans of Wolverine have waited so long for. This is gritty, rough, full of violence and foul language. Put aside the other solo Wolverine movies and focus on this. This is filmmaking at its best.

We also can’t forget about Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier; this isn’t just Jackman’s final film, but the retirement of Stewart playing the leader of the X-Men as well.

There also has to be a mention of newcomer 11 year old Dafne Keen who captivates from the first scene she appears in as X-23. This young girl has a bright future ahead of her.

There are great movies and there are great superhero movies. This one just happens to be a great movie that involves some superheroes.

Get Out

Jordan Peele’s directorial debut comes in the form of a thriller called Get Out.

Written and directed by Peele this movie gets you instantly hooked and asking questions until the end. In it we have a great cast, with veterans Catherine Keener and Bradly Whitford as well as virtual unknown Daniel Kaluuya in the lead opposite Allison Williams.

When a Caucasian woman takes her city born African-American boyfriend to meet her family in suburbia doubts are cast on their intentions and things aren’t completely as they seem.

This thriller is a perfect blend of suspense, thriller and has enough comedic elements to keep the audience laughing. From start to end this is a well-rounded film with deep societal undertones that will keep you guessing and thoroughly entertained. Think Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner mixed with Psycho and this is what you’d be left with. Be sure to check this one out.

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