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A Facebook message about a national recipe competition led Nova Scotia Community College culinary instructor Gilles Godin to encourage his class to enter.

Last week one of Godin’s students, Kevin Cameron, received word that he was one of three national semifinalists in the garlic bread category of the competition.

“Oh I love competitions,” said Cameron. “I’m competitive by nature.”

After deciding that he would enter the competition Cameron, with the help of his instructor, came up with the recipe for Deconstructed Lasagna using Furlani garlic bread. Cameron noted that garlic bread goes well with pasta, which is why he chose to make deconstructed lasagna.

“We wanted something more than simply just making a sandwich,” said Cameron.

As the contest was a video competition, Cameron made a short video showing step-by-step how he created his masterpiece. He begins by introducing himself and the recipe then instructing to cut the garlic bread in half, heating it up and flattening it, then taking a cooked lasagna noodle and spreading it with marinara sauce and cheese. He then rolls up the noodle and proceeds to roll the noodle bundle in the slice of garlic bread. The deconstructed lasagna then goes into the frying pan to brown up, then the oven. Cameron even shows how to plate the dish with a few meatballs, some parsley and a sprinkle of cheese.

As of early this week, Cameron was holding the lead in the garlic bread category with 455 votes, just over 300 votes ahead of the next competitor. Currently, Cameron is the only Atlantic Canadian semifinalist in the garlic bread portion of the competition. If declared the winner, Cameron will get $2,500 and of course, the title of first place in the national recipe competition.

Voting for the competition ends March 23, at midnight. Anyone hoping to vote for Cameron can visit .

“We need their vote,” said Cameron. “Please vote, please share.”

Kevin Cameron stands with his instructor, Chef Gilles Godin, in their kitchen classroom at NSCC Pictou Campus. (Brimicombe photo)

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