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NEW GLASGOW — You’re going to reap what you sow, that old saying is true. But for those who sow with a plan, the fourth annual Seedy Saturday was the place to be.

Hosted by the Pictou County Seed Collective — and held at the newly opened Perfect Diversity Clay Studio — the event proved a virtual pre-harvest cornucopia of all sorts of seeds, from flowers to vegetables.

Corey Ceccolini with the PCSC said the group formed with the idea of educating and spreading awareness of seed saving in the local area. An event like Seedy Saturday, as well as being held in New Glasgow for the first time rather than a rural community, helps the Collective in that mission.

“It’s a different way of gardening,” she said, “because often you have to let certain plants flower and form a seed. When you’re growing for consumption you’re usually cutting things down before they reach that point. And often — like when a spinach bolts and goes to flower — you don’t want to eat it because it changes the flavour of the greens.”

Growing plants to harvest the seeds rather than the flowers or the crop, Ceccolini said, is a “longer process.”

“Depending on the variety or vegetable you’re wanting to save seeds from, there are three things you need to keep in mind,” she explained. “You need to think about the distance between other varieties of the same vegetable because of cross pollination. Distance, isolation, and how it’s pollinated. Some things are self-pollinating, some things are pollinated by insects, some things are wind pollinated. Understanding those basics is a great starting point to making the decisions about what needs to happen to successfully save those seeds.”

Ceccolini said Seedy Saturday events are becoming popular across North America. It was a popular event in New Glasgow as well, with a packed house and a bounty of flower, bean, pea, tomato, pepper, squash, and garlic seeds on offer.

Pictou County Seed Collective member Cathy Munro discusses seed options with members of the public at the recently held Seedy Saturday. (Cameron photo)

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