Track athletes win banner


STELLARTON Members of Pictou County Athletics combined to help the club win the championship banner on Saturday at Atlantic Indoor track and field championships in Moncton.

The club’s men’s and women’s teams each finished first at the meet. The club won for the first time in the five years it has participated at the meet and after placing second the previous two years.

The 43 athletes were led by Lauren Quann who won five disciplines in the women’s 18-19 category, and both Dave MacLennan and Parker Swain, who each won three individual events.

Quann was first in her 800-metre race, 60-metre hurdles and high jump, long jump and shot put.

MacLennan won his 35-and-over men’s 800-metre, 1,500-metre and 3,000-metre races and was on the winning 4×200-metre relay team.

Swain was first in men’s 14-15 high jump, shot put and weight throw.

Kaelan Schmidt won his men’s 18-19 high jump event, while Kelly Joudrie was first in men’s 50-54 shot put and weight throw.

Deelle Hines won in 35-and-over high jump and long jump while Keighan DeCoff was first in 14-15 shot put and weight throw and Tatum McLean was first in 18-19 shot put and weight throw.

Breanna Sandluck won her 3,000-metre race and was third in her 1,500-metre race in women’s 18-19 events.

Peter Corbin won his 3,000-metre race and was second at 400 metres in men’s 18-19 events.

Cara MacDonald was second in her Under-14 800-metre race and third in her 200-metre sprint.

Allie Sandluck was fourth in her 14-15 race at 1,200 metres and seventh in the mixed 14-15 race at 2,000 metres.

Eilidh Cameron was second in 14-15 high jump, sixth in the 1,200-metre race and ninth at 2,000 metres.

Nell Cameron was third in a 14-15 race at 800 metres, seventh at 1,200 metres and 10th at 2,000 metres.

Jordyn Ferguson was second in 60-metre hurdles and fifth 60-metre and 150-metre races in Under-14.

Pictou County was third in its 4 x 200-metre relay.

Also in U-14, Kelley McKay was third in 60-metre hurdles, fourth in long jump and seventh in the 60-metre sprint.

Conrad Robertson was second in his 150-metre, 800-metre and 1,200-metre races. Youssef Dedekhani was third in his 150-metre race and shot put and fifth in his 60-metre race.

Aiden Sims was second in shot put and fourth in long jump and his 800-metre race.

In the 14-15 age group, Charlotte Stroud was fourth in her 200-metre race and fifth in her 60-metre dash and long jump. Kristen Ross was second in 60-metre hurdles, fourth in long jump and sixth in her 60-metre race. Gabrielle Smith was second on shot put, third in long jump and seventh in her 60-metre race.

Megan Graham won her 400-metre race and was second at 60 metres in 18-19 events, while Carla Moore won her 50-54 race at 60 metres.

Ethan MacDonald was second in his 2,000-metre race and 12th in his 1,200-metre race. Dennis Moore was second in weight throw and shot put and fifth in his 600-metre race. Cole Joudrie won in long jump, was fourth in 200-metre race and seventh in his 60-metre sprint.

In 16-17 events, Danielle McKay was second at 800 metres, third at 1,500 metres and seventh in her 200-metre race. Emma Cameron won her 3,000-metre race and was fourth at 800 metres and 1,500 metres.

Alex Moore won his 400-metre race, was sixth in his 60-metre sprint and seventh in his 200-metre race.

Eric Hughes won his 60-metre hurdles race, was fourth in shot put, fifth in long jump, eighth in his 60-metre race and 10th in his 200-metre race.

Jake Temple was third in weight throw and shot put and 11th in his 60-metre race. Tom MacKenzie was 16th in his 60-metre race. Ross Bennett was fourth in his 800-metre race, fifth in shot put and seventh in long jump and his 400-metre race.

Broden DeCoff won his long jump event, was third overall in the pentathlon and was third in shot put, high jump, his 60-metre race and his 1,000-metre race. Daniel Stewart won his 800-metre race and was third in his 400-metre race.

Chloe Ferguson was first in U-10 tetrathlon, won at 400 metres, was second at 60 metres and fifth in long jump and shot put.

Isaac Boudreau was second in U-10 tetrathlon, won in shot put, was second in his 60-metre race and was third in his long jump event and 400-metre race.

In 10-11 events, Kate Stroud was seventh in tetrathlon, second in her 60-metre race, fifth in long jump and shot put and ninth in her 600-metre race. Amelia MacCallum was 12th in tetrathlon, third in her 60-metre race, 11th in long jump and 13th in shot put. Amelia Boudreau was 10th in tetrathlon, long jump and the 600-metre run, ninth in shot put and 12th in her 60-metre dash.

Logan Coulet was second in her 60-metre sprint and high jump in women’s 20-34 events, while Tony Corbin was second his 60-metre race for men aged 35 and over.

Parker Swain is shown during a recent discus practice. Swain won won three events at the Atlantic indoor track and field meet in Moncton on Saturday. (Goodwin photo)


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