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The top fundraisers for last year’s Pictou County Relay for Life are at it again.

Jeana’s Girls, a group that formed in memory of their friend Jeana English, has started their fundraising for this year’s relay event by thinking outside of the box.

The group has started selling scarves from a company called Lili and Maddi as part of their fundraising campaign.

“We contacted them and they loved the Relay for Life idea,” said Nina Davey about the fundraiser.

Davey and another of Jeana’s Girls, Cassie Clarke, said the scarves have been selling well so far because they are set to come in just before Mother’s Day. The group has catalogs that show the many different scarves that are available, only costing $20 each.

“It’s not just money, people actually get something for it,” said Clarke. This is the first year they have held a fundraiser like this, as they usually hold bake sale and barbecue events. Scarves are available from members of the Jeana’s Girls group. To get a closer look at what you can order visit www.lilimaddi.com.

Lili & Maddi Scarf Co. was the perfect fit for this fundraiser. According to their website, Lili & Maddi scarves stand for courage and hope. Both Lori and Jonathan believe in a sense of community, and it was their own loss a few years ago that helped to inspire this business venture. They have felt the warmth and support of great people in their own community and wanted to be able to “give back” in some way. The driving force behind their passion is their commitment to donate a portion of profits from each scarf to the Neonatal Unit at the Moncton Hospital near their home.

It fits in with the mission of Jeana’s Girls who fundraise in memory of their friend, Jeana English, who passed away in 2015.

Scarves are not the only thing the girls have in mind for fundraising this year. The group is also planning on running a Flush Away Cancer fundraiser that involves a brightly painted toilet being delivered to the front lawn of someone’s house.

“I was looking around on Pinterest for fundraising ideas and this was pretty different and fun,” Davey said.

The idea of the fundraiser is that the girls pick a first target and place a brightly coloured toilet that is filled with flowers on their lawn. A sign will accompany the toilet to explain how things work. Essentially, once the toilet is placed on your lawn you must pay $10 to have it removed, $20 to have it placed on the lawn of a friend or $30 to have it removed and not come back.

“It’s just kind of for fun and it’s different,” said Clarke.

From left, Cassie Clarke, Nina Davey and Georgia Murray each wear one of the Lili and Maddi scarves they are selling to fundraise for their Relay for Life team, Jeana’s Girls. (Brimicombe photo)

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