Kong Skull Island fails to deliver

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Kong Skull Island 4/10

I went into this movie with the highest of hopes. The all-star cast, the creature effects along with the superb writing team gave us the perfect elements for a blockbuster film that would hopefully spawn a franchise.

The writing was abysmal. There were too many characters with hints of back story for each; but of course not enough time to let us get to know any of them. We didn’t care about these characters, they’re a hodge podge of tough army guys, ex military guys, the sassy female lead, and the comic relief. None of which are delivered well. It’s not that the actors were bad; it’s that the drivel they were given to recite was awful.

This isn’t Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong by any stretch of the imagination. While the monster effects are similar, this is a far cry from anything resembling that movie. If you’re expecting a sequel of any sort you’re going to be very well disappointed. The director of this Kong delivers us a sub par movie in the Kong franchise. One I’d gladly like to forget.

Overall, the cast can’t help this film get off the ground. Its storytelling is convoluted at best and doesn’t leave us wanting more. There’s no continuity with various characters appearing and disappearing from the group, love stories being hinted at, soldiers writing letters home that mean nothing at all, and honestly, for any of you who go ahead and see this movie, how deep was that water? Knee deep on a man or knee deep on a 100-foot tall ape? There are endless questions and not enough time to answer them all.

If you’re thinking about going to see this movie, don’t bother. The only redeeming part of this waste were the creature fights and John C. Reilly’s lines that you can watch in the trailer.

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