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These Hands by Dave Gunning

My mind was made up when I saw Dave Gunning preform this with Symphony Nova Scotia and was convinced I needed this book for my son and myself. I was in awe then the entire audience, young and old, sang along with every word and seemed to feel every emotion these words allude to.

I picked up the book “These Hands” and asked my 5-year-old son to open the envelope. He immediately squealed yelling, “These Hands! Dave Gunning! I love this song, it might just be my favourite. It even has the piano music! ” My son proceeded to read/ sing it on the way home to my delight and asked me to read it before nap time. Being his favourite is quite a tall order and I think Gunning has met it, at least for now. 😉

These Hands is a song of inspiration with the lyrics written into children’s book format. Paired with magnificent watercolours of hands by Meaghan Smith and finished with the piano score, the book compliments Gunning’s live performance perfectly.

Describing the purpose of many different pairs of hands this book, and song, comes back around to ask the reader and listener what they want to do with their own hands. Motivating its audience to do well with their hands, no matter their size and to live through the idea of how everyone can continue to improve the world.

Another book I must give 10 out of 10 hearts for as it certainly deserves every ounce of praise these hands can offer.


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