Savour-ing victory

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A local cooking student has won a national competition.

After entering a national recipe competition sponsored by Furlani to help promote their products, Kevin Cameron, a cooking student at the Nova Scotia Community College Pictou Campus, has won the grand prize of $2,500. Cameron had been told of the competition by his teacher, Gilles Godin, and was encouraged to enter.

Using Furlani Garlic Bread, Cameron created a deconstructed lasagna recipe by rolling up lasagna noodles filled with marinara sauce and cheese in a flattened slice of Furlani garlic bread. He then pan fried the lasagna and put it in the oven, finally finishing it off with a couple of meatballs and some extra sauce.

With a public voting system, Cameron obliterated the competition with 843 votes; the next highest voted video in the garlic bread category had approximately 141 votes.

Cameron said the morning of the March 24 he woke up and his wife excitedly told him he had won.

“Yay!” was what Cameron said his immediate reaction was. “It was a great team effort, everybody chipped in.”

Arriving to the campus on Monday, Cameron was congratulated by his classmates and Godin on a job well done.

“I was extremely pleased,” said Godin. “We would check the vote count every day — I sometimes checked it almost three times a day.”

“I feel great, it was a great learning process,” said Cameron. “My classmates and I were talking about making more videos.”

He also mentioned that he may begin making some cooking videos of his own as well to post to YouTube.

“I’m going to do some videos so people can learn from my mistakes,” he said. Cameron laughed at the though of entering another competition, a challenge he wouldn’t mind taking on again because of his competitive nature.

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