Angus MCD and His Adventures At Sea

Between The Covers Online First

Ear catching right from the title, my son quickly declared – hey, that rhymes! I greatly enjoyed reading this as a bed time story with its vibrant pictures and links to a town next door.

Written about a young boy travelling  the seas on Ship Hector, as the first book from local author Donna Belanger it proves to be a great one. I was hoping for a bit more facts throughout the story to tie it more closely to the migration of Scottish settlers to Nova Scotia but overall it was a tale packed with goodies.

Working as a volunteer on the local replica, Belanger was inspired to bring the story alive and that she certainly did. Angus MCD embarked on a once in a lifetime adventure with his parents, Granda and baby brother, he discovered his love for being a sailor.

For the story content and adventurous ways I give this story ten hearts out of ten and eight out of ten for tie-ins back to the Hector. I would definitely be interested in reading a follow-up to this of Angus MCD and Adventures on Land to see how Angus adapts to the new country.

You can find Donna on the Hector in the summer, at her home in Pictou in the winter or walking her dogs at Trenton Park. Her book can be found online at or direct through her.

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