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Anticipation is mounting as the 79th annual New Glasgow Music Festival approaches.

The event will take place Tuesday, April 18 through to Thursday, April 27, at various venues in New Glasgow including Glasgow Square, North Nova Education Centre, Trinity United Church, First Presbyterian Church, St. George’s Anglican Church and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. As usual, the festival will culminate in the Stars of the Festival concert which will take place Sunday,April 30 at 2 p.m. at the deCoste Performing Arts Centre in Pictou.

The annual Musical Theatre portion of the music festival was held March 30 to April 1 at Glasgow Square.

Here are the results:

Class 1080 Musical Theatre Vocal Solo nine and 10 years: Winner, Maya MacGillivray, 88; Second place, Sylvia Levesque, Keinon Bourque-DeCoste, 87; Third place, Reanne Jean, Kaycee Murdock, 86.

Class 1140 Musical theatre Vocal solo 13 and 14 years: Winner, Noel Fougere, 92; Second place, Cameron Osgood, Rebecca van de Wiel, 91.

Class 1170 Musical theatre vocal Solo 15 and 16 years: Winner, Victoria Straub, Elsie Canning, 91; Second place, Leah McPherson, Lauren MacLeod, Annika Eckhart, 90; Third place, Tia McNivan, Katryn Brow, 88.

Class 1110 Musical Theatre Vocal Solo 11 and 12 years: Winne,r Annika Murray, 89; Second place, Hannah Bryant, 88; Third place, Justin Skinne,r 87.

Class 1400 Musical theatre Duet: Winners, Jesse Hemmings and Nicole Ross, 91; Second place, Aidan Canning and Adrienna, Munroe 90; Third place, Hayley MacGregor and Ainsley DeCoste, 87.

Class 1140 Musical Theatre Vocal solo 13 and 14 years: Winner, Reese Richards, 90; Second place, Brennan MacDonald, 89; Third place, Amy Eckhart 88.

Class 1500 Musical theatre Ensemble three to seven people: Winner, JMS ensemble A, 89; Second place, Robyn’s Ensemble, 87.

Class 1400 Musical theatre Duet: Winner, Lainey Cummings, Ceileigh MacDonald-Lyons, 87; Second place, Ella Affleck, Abigail Affleck, 85.

Class 1500 Musical Theatre Ensemble three to seven people: Winner, J. M. S. Young Ladies, 89; Second plac,e J. M. S. Triple Ten, 88.

Class 1080 Musical theatre Vocal Solo nine and 10 years: Winner, Simon Bannerman, 90; Second place, Haley MacDonald, 89; Third place tie, Oliver Lang and Ava DeYoung, 88.

Class 1110 Musical theatre Vocal solo 11 and 12 years: Winner, Bethany Antle, 89; Second place, Katey Aucoin, 88; Third place, Amelia Parker 87.

Class 1400 Musical theatre Duet: Winner, Cameron Osgood and Noel Fougere, 91; Second place, Reese Richards and Campbell Hayman, 90; Third place, Hannah Bryant and Justin Skinner, 89.

Class 1170 Musical theatre Vocal Solo 15 and 16 years: Winner, Hayley MacGregor, 91; Second place, Madelyn Vossen, 90; Third place, Rebecca MacKean, 89.

Class 1200 Musical Theatre Vocal Solo 17 and 18 years: Winner, Adrienne Munroe, 92; Second place, Jesse Hemmings, 91; Third place, Aidan Canning, 90.

Class 1300 Musical Theatre Vocal Solo Open: Winner, Sarah English, 91.

Keighley Brooker performing “Animal Crackers in My Soup”.


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